LUVESOLI Hello! We are the creators of Luvesoli, Luvesoli is a robot that does all that you say to him, for example, if you say: Luvesoli, I want spaguetti for lunch please. And Luvesoli makes the spaguetti. It has 20 years of garanty, it doesn´t need to charge and it costs 3.000 $, but you can designe and decorate the robot with the same price. It´s recommendable for old people, people who lives alone and it helps with the family too. You can programmate, or say what do you want with your mobile phone, if you don´t are in home.  If you buy it, you have it in 5 minutes! Please buy it! Thank youu.. This is the price of the materials:              10$ the stainless steel       616$  the graphene layer       8,72$ the four wheels       628,8$ the colors       1,700.05$ the electric panel       250$ the hair        89.70$ the hands       228.82$ hard disc (toshiba)       270.2$ the softwar


                                                                                                              M.S  BAG              Why is it important?   :                                  Because when you stay in the mountains and you don't                      know where you are use this bag and use the stuff in                           your bag to resolve the problems.                         Price      :                                        65$ and 1$ to the school                Materials :                bag ,torch, loading, mobile phone , compass.                         Characteristics :                                is strong and resistent.☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️🙎😑💪💪💪💪                                  


                                                                        OXYGEN MOTOR.                 Hello every one we are going to explain you, our project , this project it about our. This tube is in the car  when the gasoline is going to pollute our atmosphere this tube catch this gasoline and transform it in oxygen.        How it works?  It is very simple it has a filter in it, there is a kind of wheel that turns and it has a kind of blades in that filter and it helps us that gasoline was going to contaminate our turbo, what it does is catch that gasoline in the one that remains in the blades and it is carried by some transmitters that would be made of metal or copper. WHAT IT COST? With the materials it cost 155,94 with the workforce. This project is by Houda, Paula, Jimena, Cristian and Guillermo.  this is like our model.

sedimentary rock

SEDIMENTARY  ROCK                                                                                               SEDIMENTARY ROCK ARE FORMED BY SEDIMENT       THAT IS DEPOSITED OVER TIME,USUALLY AT THE   BOTTOM OF LAKES AND OCEANS.       THIS SEDIMENT CAN INCLUDE MINERALS, SMALL PIECES OF PLANTS 0R OTHER ORGANIC MATTER. IT IS COMPRESSED OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME BEFORE CREATING A ROCK .             FOSSILS CAN BE FOUND IN SEDEMENTARI ROCK           trital or clastic rocks (more than 50% of terrigenous). Ruditas or conglomerates (puddles and breccias), sandstones, shales (siltstones, clays or claystones). not detrital (less than 50% of terrigenous), which in turn can be subdivided into: of chemical or biogeochemical precipitation. Limestones, dolomites, evaporites, siliceous rocks (silex, chert). This group includes residual rocks (aluminose rocks or bauxite and ferruginous or laterite rocks). Organogenic (deposit of organic fragments of animals a

metamorphic rocks

                    metamorphic rocks definition of metamorphic rocks: A rock is a hard stone, of great solidity, which is composed of one or more minerals. Metamorphic, on the other hand, is what was subjected to a process of metamorphism   A rock, when these conditions are modified, loses its thermodynamic equilibrium. In this way, it will seek to take advantage of the energy to carry out an evolution that allows it to recover its equilibrium in the new conditions. The rock resulting from this process will receive the qualification of metamorphic rock. Below are some of the main metamorphic rocks: Metamorphic rock * Espilita: belongs to the basaltic (volcanic igneous rocks with a rich content of iron and magnesium silicates, and with little silica), specifically those altered by fluids at high temperatures. It usually has a green or gray color and has no visible crystals, although this may vary. Commonly, the spilite is in the form of a


THE MOHS SCALE The Mohs Scale of minerals hardness is a qualitative ordinal scale that characterizes the stractch resistents of various minerals trough the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer mineral. It    was created in 1812 by the german geologist Fiedrics Mohs and is one of several definitions of hardness in matireals science, some wich are more quantitative.


DEFINITION OF ROCKS AND CLASSIFICATION  A rock is an aggregate of one or more   minerals  whereas a rock may also incluided   organic remains and mineraloids . Some rocks   are   predominantly composed of just one mineral   They don´t have different shapes.